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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to lose 8 sizes in 6 hours

I am planning on plastic surgery!!!

I have the $$$ for it, just need to working out the logistics of aftercare.

I have been looking at my options for a coup;e of months. I have otten 4 quotes so far.

1) A surgeon in the area. He wanted to do surgery "in stages" The first stage would be a paniculectomy (for those who do not know what that is, it is just basically removing the apron, or hanging down, stomach skin. His charge for this was over $12,000. (this would be after having someone completely different repair my hernia.) The next stage would be either a tummy tuck ($17,000) or a lower body lift ($32,000+). Are ya freakin kidding me?? I was so upset I cried for a couple of days.

2) A surgeon in Mexico. A friend of mine here went to this guy, and had great results and nothing but good to say about him. I sent him pictures and he also wanted to do the panniculectomy. His quote was a much more reasonable $5,500. This would require 13 days spent in MX (included in the price) and someone else doing the hernia repair beforehand.

3) Another guy here in town. He said he could do a tummy tuck on me, no problem. Then he recommended a lower body lift. This would basically take care off the huge, hanging down skin on my stomach as well as the loose skin on my backside. He has worked with many band patients, and told me he could get a low profile port for me and oput it in during the surgery. His price was $10,000 for the TT and $17,500 for the LBL. This included repair of any hernias he might find. I asked him if I should lose any more weight first, and he told me I really don't need to. He said I have no extra flesh on my upper abdomen. (and he's right).

4) One more guy here in town. He quoted me $19,500 for a lower body lift. This includes 2 nights in the hopital, as well as a piece of mesh for the hernia repair taht he may or may not have to use. When he first came into the room to talk to me I was sitting down. He asked me how much more weight I wanted to lose (about 40-50 pounds) He told me I probably wanted to lose the weight first before surgery. We then walked into an exam room. When we got into the room he told me "You do not have to lose any more weight right now, you are a good candidate and will have great results". This made me feel much better.

He is figuring this will bring me down to about a size 10. I have not been a size ten since I was 8 or so!!!!

I may talk to a few more surgeons, then make a decision on who to go with.

I am so excited.


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