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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my latest NSV

For those not "up on the lingo" (and you know who you are, Sheila... ;) NSV means non scale victory.

K and I went with my friend and her daughter to a sports complex this past Sunday. There were bumper cars there, and the sign said weight limit 275. I am way under that, so I went on!!!! It was a lot of fun, once I got into the car. I am having major issues with my left knee (guess carrying way too much weight for nearly 40 years will do that to ya). But, I must say it was worth the struggle to get on. It was so much fun, not to mention how good it felt to be able to do something "normal", something someone non obese would not think twice about doing.

Still "interviewing" plastic surgeons. I am getting excited about this, though a bit anxious and uneasy when I think about the pain.

Made a appointment with a gastroenterologist (earliest I could get in is 2 weeks). I am hoping that if my stomach is not completely better by then that they can figure out what is wrong.



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