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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Got rid of the drain

... And is that a relief ;)

I am still on soups and such, though I have started on a bit more solid foods. Had some pizza on Sunday and a deli sandwich yesterday. I seem to have some restriction, though it is hard to tell completely at his point.

I am still not able to lift anything more than 20 pounds. I am very excited about being able to exercise more. I am starting on working my upper body. My left knee is so bad, I am seeing a surgeon in a month to see about a replacement. Not sure if they will be willing to do it or not. I am a bit too young at this point, also not at an optimal size. Kind if in that catch 22 of "Too big for surgery, but not able to lose weight due to pain and mobility issues with this knee"

I am still planning on putting in an application for a bypass. My weight is just a bit too low still. Today my BMI was 39.9. It needs to be at least a 40. I will be weighed again next week. Hopefully......

What kind of bizarre crazy world am I in now that I have to gain weight just to apply for a surgery???? Unbelievable.

Hanging in and hoping for restriciton.....


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