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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some good news

1) I lost my MI weight...and am down a pound over that. Yayyy for me ;) Kayleigh and I started walking last week. We walk to the mail box on the days I don't go to the gym. It is not a super long walk... about a quarter mile round trip... but at least I am moving. I think it has been helping. I have also been trying to drink a bit more water ( I was drinking 4 16oz bottles of Crystal Light a day, I have been trying to do at least 5 a day)

I seem to be getting hungry soon after eating, so I have an appointment for a fill on Tuesday. When I called to make it the office girl reminded me it was Thanksgiving week, and I would be on liquids Thanksgiving. No biggie. We were just going to get a small ham for Ron and Judy and a turkey breast for me. They will still have the ham on Thursday, and we will cook the turkey on Saturday. Holidays are just not the same being here in CO and having my family in MI.

I want the doctor to look at something while I am there. I seem to have a large "mass" of some sort. When I lay on my back and tighten my abdominal muscles it looks like I am 9 months pregnant (and I didn't even look 9 months pregnant when I was ) I am wondering if it could be another seroma. It seems to have appeared after my wound stopped draining from the abcess surgery. if it's not one thing it's another, huh?? It has not really been painful, though now that I have a cold it hurts to cough while I am laying down...and sneezing about kills me.

2) I got a J-O-B. Not the one I posted about last week. They never called me back. I went to an interview yesterday, took a test and was offered the job. It is with a company called Convergys. They operate a call center and take calls from different companies. I think they are kind of a subcontractor for other companies, in a sense. It is a temporary, seasonal job. I will be taking calls for open enrollement with United Health Care. The only problem will be Kayleighs preschool. I am going to drop her down from 3 to 2 days a week. Ron and I are going to have to figure a way to get her there/back those days. We really don't want Judy driving her, since Ron doesn't trust her driving. We figure with only 2 days a week if she misses as day it won't be costing us quite as much for missed school.

3) I forgot to post my NSV (non scale victory) while on my trip to MI. I was actually able to get my tray table down!!!! The last few years when I flew I was not able to put it down all the way, the front edge of it always rested on my stomach. It made me realize I have lost weight. I know I have, of course, the scale tells me so...as well as pictures. It just bums me out a bit I am still wearing the same size pants (looser, but still the same size) One difference is that I have always worn long, loose fitting T-shirts. I have been pulling out some shorter, cute shirts and wearing those with my jeans. So, I guess that is some progress. I got a whole bunch of sweaters and sweat shirts from my friend Jacki in MI (Thanks Jack) and I am looking forward to wearing them at work. (a few of them are Christmas theamed). I have also been able to put my vehicle seat up a bit, now my feet reach the peddals a lot better ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading. I will try to post pics next week, as well as update after I see the surgeon on Tuesday.


Blogger Zena said...

Congratulations!!! on losing the weight AND for getting the job.
Good luck when you go to the Doctor, I hope it's nothing serious and gets sorted out quickly and pain free.Your NSV is so exciting, when stuff like that happens you know you are on your way!!!


November 23, 2008 at 11:23 AM  
Blogger Bridget said...

Great NSV! Gotta love them!

November 24, 2008 at 2:32 AM  

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