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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally home

We got back from MI last night. We stayed a bit longer than planned, Kayleigh had a bad head cold and I didn't want to fly with her. It was a nice trip. I got to spend time with friends and family. My only complaint (and I expected this) was my grandma. She kept trying to push food/sweets onto me (I know it was done out of love) About the first 4 days we were therte it was the same thing. I was going to make an pineapple upside down cake (... peach pie, banana pie...etc) do you like that? Every day it was the same answer "Grandma, I am on a diet" It's not like she doesn't know about it...she even helped me out paying for it!!!!

Towards the end I was quite miiserable, I think flying tightened up my band, and the lower altitude made it worse and worse. I was throwing up every day (not good at all) I would go on liquids... then the next day get stuck again. It was really painful. It got to the point that one bite of anything would get stuck. I finally just went on strict liquids for my last 5 days.

It was kind of funny, one day we were at the table and I was having my pureed steak (yummy!) after about 3 bites I got stuck. I was in the bathroom coughing and PB'ing when I heard Kayleigh (who's 4) say "I told momma not to eat that." It was so cute. The next day she was like... "Momma, don't eat too much" (believe me, by that point I definetely wasn't) I ate a couple of bites of soup and actually did not get stuck. I got done with my small bowl and she said "When are you going to start coughing?" So cute.... my own little food police ;)))

I must admit... I did take in too many liquid calories. Two times I got a shake, I had a cappuchino twice, and a small scoop of Baskin Robins once. I also had orange juice a few times. This was all while I was on liquids, other than the O.J. I kind of got to the what the heck stage. Ya know?? I can't eat anthing...I might as well have a shake (not to mention that I was starving!!!)

I was not happy when I got home and stepped on the scale. I am hoping my gain (eeek) was just from flying, and will come off quickly (about 9 pounds) I am down a bit this morning. I know I did not do everything I needed to do in MI. I did not drink enough water. My knee kept trying to go out... so I did not walk as planned. I did not take in enough protein at all (eating or not). I did have a small piece of the pineapple upside down cake, as well as split a couple pieces of grandmas birthday cake (not the same day... 3 days in a row). And we won't even talk about the Halloween candy (funny how that didn't get stuck). Well, I am home and back on track now.

On a different note...

I got a few replies and emails about my last post. I was a bit down when I wrote it. I just want everyone to know I really am happy and proud of what I have accomplished so far...I am just impatient. I feel good setting goals for myself (like the 75 pounds loss by Chrsitmas I mentioned) I know I might not get there "on time" but I know I will get there. I knew going into this I would be in it for the long haul. I also knew it would be work, and I was not going to "wake up skinny" the next morning. I know it will most likely take me the better part of 2 years (or maybe even more) to get where I want to be. That is just the way it is. All I can do is do what I need to do, and not worry about what everyone else is doing (weight loss wise)... this is soething I tend to forget when I get my fits of impatience.

I forgot to mention.... unless someone knew about my surgery, no one noticed my loss I went to 2 moms group events while in MI, and no one said anything!! I was quite bummed... Ah well....by the time we go back again it will be more noticable. (I know it can be seen....I see it when I look at pictures, and before we left my neighboors Kim and Rick bith asked about my losing and said how good I was doing (they don't know about the band) that made me feel prety good).

Thanks for reading this, and more soon.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home ! Glad your trip went well.

Look at my blog i wrote something JUST for you !

November 10, 2008 at 12:10 AM  
Blogger Diz said...

Glad to hear Kayleigh's feeling a little better. And you, sounds like visiting family was a bit therapeudic for you. Funny how we revert to our "roles" and everyone wants to foist food on us. Sounds to me like you did an admirable job under the circumstances. Welcome Back Jules

November 10, 2008 at 12:37 PM  

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