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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still waiting......

This waiting crap is getting annoying. The way I figure, I will not even be getting a call from the insurance company until December, at the earliest.

My stomach is really bothering me the last couple of days. It's funny... I will few days when I feel just fine, no pain, nausea, gas... nothing. Then all of a sudden it is like I am hit by the proverbial bus. I was feeling fine the other day, then all of a sudden my right arm started hurting (which is unusual, it is usually my left) Then a few hours later my left started (guess I should be careful what I ask for) Then the stomach-ish pain starts (the one that feels like a fist in my chest). Grrrr..... why didn't I just wait the 6 months required by my insurance company and have a bypass in the first place???? Three frickin wasted years.

Ah well. Such is life.



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