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Saturday, May 14, 2011

So far so OK

Well.... I went to the surgeon on Wednesday. We talked about the different surgeries available. He told me he doesn't think I should get another band (had no intention on doing that!), He said with the GP a sleeve is out, since the smaller stomach would never empty. A duodenal switch is also out, since that also has a sleeve like stomach. The only surgery that is left as an option is a bypass. Duh.... big surprise, since that's what I went in to talk to him about!!!!

He said he can't guarantee that the bypass is even going to help with the stomach emptying issue. In theory it should, since when they re-route your intestines to your stomach they do all the work. They should be what pulls the food out of my poor defective stomach.

He was sure to tell me 3-4 times that he could not guarantee it would solve anything. I told him the same 3-4 times I am willing to take that chance. After all, it can't make the problem too much worse!!!

He told me he is going to go ahead and put a request in to the insurance company for me. He warned me that most likely nothing will happen quickly. He reminded me the insurance company is a big entity and he is just a small cog in the wheel. He also told me they are going to make me take the 6 week pre surgery class. I know if I was having this done for weight loss I would have to take the class, but this is more for medical reasons. Besides, I lived the life for 2 1/2 years. I am pretty sure there is very little to nothing I can learn from a class. Not to mention, I would never deliberately scare someone, but I'm pretty sure they lump all the surgical candidates together, regardless of their chosen procedure. I'm sure hearing of my problems would scare the heck out of anyone contemplating a band.

I have a knee replacement surgery scheduled for july 19. Not sure what to do. The surgeon told me not to cancel anything yet. Most likely I will still be waiting for insurance approval at that time and go through with the knee. It's all so confusing.......

Guess that's it for now. Later...


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