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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've been shopping

Well, my scale has not been too kind to me the last few monts (as you all know) I have been soooo frustrated about still wearing the same jeans. Even though they still "fit" (I guess after 65 pounds lost I expected them to actually fall off) they are looking quite sloppy.

I have been doing a bit of shopping the past week. The jeans I have been wearing are a 32. I went out last week and bought a pair of peddal pusher style jeans ( You know.. the ones that are capri length??) in a 9 at Catherines... their sizes really truly irritate me. Call a size what it is. They claim it is a whole different way of sizing... that it goes by "body type" It just bugs me. I asked the girls at the store what a 9 was comparable to in "real" sizes. At first they couldn't tell me. Then they were able to tell me an approximation of a 9 in womens sizes is 28-30 OK...was that so freaking hard???? Why did I practically have to pull teeth to get that answer??? Jeez.....

Anyway, I stopped at KMart on Friday and hit the clearance rack, Got 4 tops and 2 pairs of pants (one pair of pull on jeans and one pair of black knit maternity pants... I am still wearing maternity pants I had from being pregnant w/Kayleigh.... they are more comfortable with my growing hernia). Then I stopped at Lane Bryant and hit the clearance racks there yesterday. I got a really cute top and 2 pairs of pants. One pair is tan cords in a 28 and the other is a really cute pair of sparkly black jeans in a 26!!! They both fit... more or less. They zip, but are quite tight in the belly, so I will be back to wearing long shirts with them (I really don't like walking around looking like I have a butt in the front, so I have to keep that covered ;O

Hopefully in a fairly short time they will start looking sloppy on me too.....


Blogger Diz said...

I know they will my friend. It's nice to have a day out, but I'm with you. Why can't stores just be upfront about sizing...and why all the different sizes, i.e. this store runs small, this store runs large. Geez, the marketing gimmicktry (ok, I made that up) drives me up the freaking wall! Thanks for sharing Girl.

March 2, 2009 at 12:57 PM  

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