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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My legs are shrinking!!!

I have been trying to find some clothes that fit. I went to Catherines the other day and hit the clearance racks (I love Catherines.. but they are so freakin expensive. I only purchase from the clearance rack there..... can't wait til I'm not held hostage and can shop anywhere!!)

Anyway... I found a pair of jeans but they are a petite. I have never worn a petite... and they were long enough!!! How weird. I guess I am getting shorter???

I met up with some of my band friends for our monthly Red Robin meeting and got lots of great new clothes. All of the pants are too long for me, of course, now with my much shorter legs. The jeans are cute as heck, and I am going to find a place to get them shortened (even the "average" ones are a bit too long.) Go figure.....

Changing the subject...

I am thinking about making an appointment with a psychologist. I think I probably really need it. In the past I have gotten down to a certain weight and stopped losing. I guess I am afraid of losing "me".

Sometimes I think it is easier on those bandsters who gained weight in adulthood. They know what it is like to be "normal".

I have never been "normal"

I have always been fat.

I suffered as a fat child, a fat teenager, and carried all that pain into adulthood. I never had boyfriends growing up. I never went to the prom (or any other dances with a date) I was always the "good friend" I suffered a lot of mental abuse from my mother I will not go into now. Lets just say she had a lot to do with making me who I am today.

I am an adult now. I need to get over it. I may need help with that.

Still losing. Later....


Blogger Gen said...

Julie, the psychologist is a good idea! Your post made me so sad, wish I was closer to give you a hug! You can do this, and you will just keep getting more and more fabulous!

I come more from the "gained it as an adult" camp, but I was always bigger than the other girls. The thing is I started dieting so young, and I was successful for many years, so I passed as a "normal" girl for long enough.

I can see how this would be really hard for you. I am rooting for you!

And congrats on the thinner legs, that can be a really hard place to lose!

September 10, 2009 at 2:12 PM  

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