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Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a scare

The week before last I went out to eat with some girls from a local doctors group (Dr Kirshembaum... he does lapband surgery here in Aurora for a decent cash price...9K.... he has people flying in from all over the country for surgery) Anyway, I get together with some of his patients once a month or so. We usually go for dinner at Red Robin. I was in my "3 days of crazy eating to jump start my metabolism" I ordered the cheeseburger con queso there. It is fairly spicy, and I do not do spicy... at all.

The next morning I woke up with MAJOR pain in by band area. Eating was agonizing. It was not the usual "OMG, I am so stuck" sort of pain. It was more the "this brand new band is going ot kill me" sort of pain. I felt like I did a day or two post op... terrible pain from my chest up to my shoulder blades on the left side every time I so much as took anything more than a small sip of water.

I was so afraid I had slipped my band. I had all sort of visions of having to have it unfilled/removed.

This happened on Thursday morning, I had a fill scheduled for Tuesday morning. I stuck to prtein smoothies until then. Tuesday before my appointment I took Kayleigh to the Science Museum. We ate in the cafe there and I took a couple of bites of her pizza (just to check out my pain level) I was pain free!!! I went for my appointment and told the Dr's PA what had happened. She assured me I was just really irritated and did not have a slip. She said she sees this fairly often.

I even got a fill!!!! While I was on the table she looks down and says "My, what a large hernia" She could tell it has grown significantly since she saw it a couple of months ago. She told me she was going to talk to Dr Metz about fixing it. She made another fill appointment for me in 4 weeks with Dr Metz. He may stick to his guns on the needing to be at a 35 BMI, but you never know.....

I am quickly coming up on my year (4 more days) I can't believe this hyear has gone so quickly!!!

I am still no losing weigh... I have actually gained the last week or two. I honestly have no idea why.... I'll just keep plugging along though.

more later....


Blogger Diz said...

Good news about no slippage. I passed my year mark too and have yet to blog about it. Congratulations Girl.

June 22, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

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