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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My MIL so pisses me off

Everyone who knows me knows I do not particularly like my MIL (never have, never will) She has treated my husband like her own personal bank his entire life. Five years ago she sold her home in Ohio (after my husband and BIL fixed it up... at their expense) She cleared about 50K for the house and moved up to Michigan. Kayleigh was a new born at the time. Judy moved in with us "to help take care of Kayleigh for a couple weeks" She then proceded to spend ALL her money at the casino in 3 months, all the while looking me in the face and lying about the fact she had "plenty of money left". Did I mention the fact she is a pathological liar??? Seriously.... she would not know the truth, about anything, if it bit her in the ass. Anyway.... her money was gone, and I have been stuck with her the past 5 years. (she even moved with us twice!) It has not been pretty. It was getting to the point that one of us was leaving... and I didn't care who. I seriously considered Kayleigh and I not coming back from the next visit to MI.

Now, things have changed somewhat since her cancer diagnosis. I still don't like her... but I do feel sorry for her, and am doing everything I can to help extend her life.

One of my biggets gripes about her (other than the contant unending lying, the whining, and mooching) has been the fact that she has not respected anything I have requested her to do in 5 years!!!!! Including anything to do with Kayleighs care/upbringing.

Anyway... getting to the point of my little rant: before we went to MI she bought a kit to make a pineapple upsode down cake. Now... pineapple is my favorite thing in the world. I uesd to say I would eat shit if it was pineapple flavored!!!! I said that would be torture to me... her making the cake and me not being able to eat it (believe me... I would not be able to stop at one piece... it would haunt me til it was gone) Ron asked her specifically NOT to make it until we were gone to MI. She waited until the day we were heading home to make it... then realized there were no eggs. She made it today. The minute I walked out of the bedroom this morning the smell assaulted me. I was hungry, and could have run out there and shoved the whole thing in my mouth. I come out and she's like "I made the cake today" I got quite angry and asked her "I was gone for 15 days... you couldn't have made it then... like I asked????" She told me she didn't feel like going out to get eggs earlier (though she managed to go to Kohls and buy herself a couple of over priced tops, as well as being able to buy candy for my child (which we limit) for her Easter basket.) She claims she doesn't remember us both asking her (quite a few times) to make it while I was not home. I am just soooo angry over this total lack of respect towards me. I guess it is just par for the course though....


Blogger Beth said...

Omg, don't even get me started on the MIL issue... GRRR!!

Five YEARS??? I wouldn't even let mine stay five DAYS. There is no way in holy hell that I would tolerate mine mooching off of us for five YEARS.

And yes, the cancer angle. That does put a kink in the works, doesn't it? 'Course, with how she lies (and I hate to be cold-hearted and ask this), are you sure she has cancer?

April 28, 2009 at 8:43 PM  
Blogger Diz said...

Ok...I know finances are not all that great in this economy, but how about putting her in a "Park" Home. It's actually a trailer that you can put on your property to give her space and you keep your own.

I had my mom living with me and it was killing me. I finally did purchase a trailer for her and move her out. Best thing I ever did.

One other thing. I think you should take back your home. You are the Queen of your castle. You are the Alpha female. So, the next time she makes a cake like that, against your wishes, cut Kayleigh a little piece, take the rest and throw it in the garbage. Everytime she infringes on your requests, take back your control. It doesn't matter if she's sick or not. Just tell her...I love you and will honor you, since you are my husband's mother, but I am the lady of this home. This is MY home. You had your home...this one is MINE! I know...drastic, but you can do it. You are strong. You've come through so much. And you are raising a daughter. You are teaching her to be strong and fight for herself too.

Just my opinion...and you know what they say about those! I'm right there with ya Girlie.

May 2, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

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