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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I think my body hates me!!!

I trully do not know what to do. I am just not losing weight. I am exercising as well as eating more. Yep... that's more. I started religiously logging my meals, and I was eating about 600-700 calories a day. I know that is too low, and my body was most likely in starvation mode. I am trying to get in 1200-1400 cals a day. It is not that easy (and I never thought I would say that!!!) I am finding at the end of the day I am still short on cals. My friend Melissa gave me some good ideas on things to eat, Love those mock canollis... thanks Melissa!!!

I am coming up quickly on my year, I am really hoping I can get down at least another 4 by then (to be at 75 pounds lost)


On a completely different note... we had a tornado near here today. We were in the basement and Ron was calling for me to come outside. He pointed out the funnel cloud to me!!! I RAN back inside, and we watched out the windows the tornado go around (and luckily, past) our house. it was never really that close to us (though it sure seemed that way to me!!!!!) It touched down about 2 miles away, and did some damage to some condos, a Lowes and the mall. I have a real fear of tornados and never want to see one that close again.

Back at ya soon....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey GIRLY Long time no see ! First off your doing AWESOME ! Dont beat yourself up . Second off... Get the " I have to lose so much by my year mark " out of your head ! That will sabatoge you every time.
You did not gain this weight in a year or 2 you will need more time to lose it ! There is no sense in setting yourself up to fail.

Now .. your right your calories were too low , that is why you were not losing. Have you talked to your doc about what calorie range he would like to see you in ? 1400 might be a little too high ? Typically I think they want to see you under 1200 ?
So if your typically averaging 1200 your probably getting about right . Are you allowed snacks ?
Shoot for high protein foods first off and save the veggies, and everything else for later if you have room. I can send you some recipes. Also casseroles are good . You can add lots of protein in them and veggies ect and they stay moist enough for us to eat.
Im here ( online again too ) If you need anything just email me !

June 8, 2009 at 8:05 AM  

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