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Saturday, July 25, 2009

sweet spot... finally??

Well... I think I may be there (for my couple of non banded readers, this is the spot where you are at your most optimium fill....getting full on less and staying full longer)

Last month when I went for my fill the PA did it. She did not withdraw any fluid, as is usual, since her reasoning is that she has a pretty good idea of where I am fill wise, by previous fills. I should have had around 7cc. She put in .2.... hence 7.2 in a 10cc band. It was great, it was the very first time I only had to get poked once. Every other fill has been 1-2 pokes to put fluid in, then 2-3 more to immediately pull some out again (again, for non bandsters... you get fluid put in, sit up and drink a small cup of water. If you have any pain, pressure, burping or gurgling you have too much and have to have some taken out).

I went last week and saw the surgeon. Even though I requested he NOT pull all the fluid out (I feel that irritates my pouch and makes the need for a unfill) he still pulled out first. He then filled me. When I asked him how much he put in he told me I only had 6cc (though he also said there may have been some left in he did not get) so he put in .5cc. So, I should have around 6.5cc right now. I think he is correct in saying he did not get all out and I believe I am probably closer to 8cc.

I am pretty close to being over full. I am having a bit of an issue with anything too solid (though as long as I am really, really, really careful I am doing OK). I am getting full really quickly. I have always been able to slam my water. I have actually gotten stuck a time or two in the last week while trying to drink too quickly (I know...I shouldn't be doing that anyway ;) I am noticing a lot of gugling after drinking. I have been told by other bandsters they gurgle when they have a good fill. SO.... I guess this is a good fill. I am just being super careful with what I eat. I have been experimenting with new recipes. The other day I made chicken tortilla soup (minus the tortillas, of course) I also jazzed up some canned baked beans with some hamburger and a bit of BBQ sauce. If it is cool enough tomorrow I may make some of my custard (with skim milk and Splenda, of course... it is really quite good) I am still fighting a bit to get in my days worth of protein. Good thing I like protein shakes.

I was laying in bed tonight and gurgling really badly, as well as feeling quite hungry. Suddenly it dawned on me... it had been 10 hours since I ate!!!! No wonder. What a strange and wonderful thing to happen ;)) So.... here I am at midnight, eating a protein bar and blogging. Glad you're all here to read this

I guess that is all for now... just wanted to share my good news.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie, i was trying to catch up on blogs. Hon, take it from someone who has been there a lot .. I think your too tight. From what your described. First off you shoudl NOT have to live on or rely on protein shakes to get your protein in during the day . You shoudl be eating SOLID protein , If you cant get in SOLID protein during the day , and enough of it , your too tight. The fact your getting "Stuck" on water is NOT GOOD. Your band sounds too tight and from someone who is now facing surgery to fix her SECOND Slip ( and i did not even keep my band too tight ) DONT do that to yourself. You do NOT Have to live on liquids to lose weight , that's not what the band is for !!!
Im here if you need me but I really think you should get a slight unfill from what you have described. Also FYI , if your doc is pulling the liquid out before a fill , the fill itself is going to irritate and cause swelling . Pullling out and checking the fluids wotn cause MORE swelling than if you get a fill alone. Fills alone or unfills alone cause swelling , which is why most docs require ( mine included ) at LEAST 24 hours of liquids after a fill to allow swelling to go down . So its actually a good thing they are checking. Make sure there is no leaks ect. Good luck , but PLEASE PLEASE dont keep your band too tight, its just not worth it .

July 31, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

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