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Friday, April 2, 2010

Just call me Grace.....

I saw a couple of moving sales where they had treadmills listed on Craigslist, and I decided to check them out today. The first one I went to I found a treadmill I wanted, but needed to wait for Ron to help me pick it up.

We went back to where it was (a town home a couple of miles from my house) It has about 3 steps leading up to the front door. Wouldn't you know, I fell. I managed to get a knot on my right knee, a bruise on my left shin, my right wrist and middle finger hurt, as well as one of the toes on my right foot (probably from when both shoes came off).

Figures..... going to pick up exercise equipment and I manage to fall

Ah well. I am looking forward to using my "new" equipment. It is nothing special, it is a Pro-form Crosswalk. It is not super fancy, but has the things I need... speed control and incline. I tried it out while there, and it works well. It was only $75. I would really like a new machine with all the bells and whistles, I would really like the one with Google Maps on it. Here is the info on it:

One of the most interesting features of iFit Live, that may just change the way we workout on treadmills, is the ability to Interact with Google Maps. You can select trails or roads on Google Maps and simulate running on them. Your treadmill will mimic the incline of the terrain. You can view your progress either with a street view, if available, or by the map or satellite view. For example, I am told you could run the Boston Marathon or the Great Wall of China.

How awesome. Maybe after the next money tree harvest......


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