Julie's Journey

Monday, May 18, 2009

Where did the time go???

I can't believe it. Kayleigh starts Kindergarten in less than 2 months. She is starting on July 7th!!! Where did my little tiny less than 5 pound baby go? How can she be 5 already?? Can I actually let her go enough to send her to school???

It seems like yesterday that I was sitting at work crying because the specialist told me I would most likely not be able to have a baby. He basically said I was too fat and too old. Fooled him!!!! I had a couple of friends offer me their eggs (which I thought was just so wonderful and giving) thankfully I did not need to go that route.

Not much going on in the loss department. I am pretty well stuck where I was before I went to Michigan

I know this is my fault, since I am too lazy to get my fat butt exercizing. I have made a commitment to myself to exercise every day. I need to make sure I am going to Curves on a regular basis too.

I so wanted to be down 100 pounds by my 1 year bandiversary, but it is not going to happen now. I have a little over a month to go. I will be very happy with at least 75 pounds gone though (I am hoping to get off more than that... but I will be quite content knowing I have lost 75 pounds... never to find it again!!!!)

The monster in law is still doing chemo. She starts her 3rd round tomorrow. I'm not sure if it is helping or not, she was in the hospital the week before last (she "passed out") I have seen that particular act too many times to believe it. I know she was feeling quite bad, and probably needed to go to the hospital... but instead of asking to go, she had to make a big productions and go by ambulance. They did a CT scan and the ER doc told us there were spots on both lungs. She said the doctor on the floor told her the mass in her lower lobe was much smaller and there were no spots on either lung. She sees the doctor before the chemo starts and I always go with her to know exactly what is going on. For her sake, I hope they are right and the mass is getting smaller, this would improve her chances of living longer.

I am quite busy with all of her issues, but I know I really need to find some "julie time" to do what I need to do for myself. I need to get my rear in gear.

That's about all that is going on in my little world. More later...