Julie's Journey

Monday, November 15, 2010

Been exercising

Now that I know there is a chance for me to have mhy much needed plastic surgery I have gotten a second wind in this whole journey.

I am exercising every day (so far 3 days in a row!! LOL) I have been using my treadmill. I also bought a exercise ball.

I am drinking my water.. or trying to drink all my water.

I have been eating more. Trying to get in my full 1200 calories a day.

I'm still waiting to hear from the plastic surgeon in Mexico. I am leaning more towards having it done here in CO due to the fact I am concerned about complications and the chance our new insurance company (Kaiser Permanente) will not cover them. I am hoping the price here will come in affordable.

I will be soooooo upset if this does not work out.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hi all...

I have been getting some requests for new pics, so TADA....here they are.

As you can tell I am still quite huge in the belly, I just don't seem to be losing there at all.

I have come into a bit of money (nothing major).

I am looking into plastic surgery. I went to a surgeon the other day. I was very upset about what he told me. I want a tummy tuck. He wants to do surgery in "stages". A panniulectomy (just surgically remvoving the panus, or "apron") first. For this he charges almost 12K. Then.... (after I get to my goal weight) either a tummy tuck (17K+) or a lower body lift (over 31K). I kept telling him "But I don't have unlimited money, why can't you do a tummy tuck??" I told him I understand it would not be "perfect" and that I may need another tummy tuck down the line (upon losing more weight). He insisted, though that we need to start with the panni. I have been looking at pictures after this surgery, and I find them scary and disturbing. It is definetly NOT what I want.

Though, even with this small step I would feel better about myslf, as long as I was wearing clothes. Not so much looking in the mirror unclothed.

I am contemplating going to Mexico. The prices are much better. I am in touch with a surgeon right now. He needed pictures (SCAR-RY) to tell me if he can help me and what the price would be.

I also have a appointment here in the U.S. with a local surgeon. I am hoping his price is resonable.

That's about it for now, posting soon.