Julie's Journey

Monday, August 22, 2011

Been angry lately

I am just pissed off at life right now. My knee hurts and I am STILL waiting for the insurance to come through for my bypass. I know it is going to take at least another 4 months (best case scenario) but it just gets me so angry I have to go through this. I HAD my surgery, I DID the program. I was doing well. I should be having plastic surgery, not be waiting on a seemingly endless waiting list for a bypass. I am so frustrated that that idiot that maimed me is off in another state probably doing the same thing to other people.

I had a girl write me and ask me my opinion of him. What I really, trully wanted to say was "RUN!!!!!" and tell her not ot let him anywhere near her with a scalpel. Instead I kind of soft soaped it and hinted around that she probably wanted to find a different doctor. I guess I was afraid of getting sued. Stupid. I would not have told her anything that wasn't true. I would have told her I almost died because he didn't take care of me post surgically. I would have told her I was pretty sure he was high when I went for my one week post surgical appointment. I would tell her this is the reason I felt that I needed emergency surgery and came so close to sepsis that I could easily have died. I would tell her that I blame him for my erosion. I know this is a possible complication. But really..... 2 patients of his????? (that I know of) This is such a fairly uncommon complication, and to have 2 patients within a couple of months?? Coincidince? I think not.

I am still having gastric issues (chest pain and left arm pain and numbness after eating... and we won't EVEN get into the horrific belching from all that rotting food just sitting down there). Not that this is stopping me, of course. I have gained back almost 30 pounds!!!!

I am so angry. At myself, at fate, at life, at the insurance company, and at that asshole who did the original lapband surgery.

I could just explode.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's thought

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realise that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Long time no talk...again

Hi folks. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Had my knee replaced 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Still NOT glad I did it!!! They say it takes about three months to be happy you'd done it. Guess I have another 2 months to go!!! It is getting easier and a bit less painful every day. Having said that--- it still hurts, a lot.

Had a moment of sweating in pre op when the nurse plugged my weight into the hospital computer thingy, turned to me and said "Um, have you gained weight recently? The computer is showing you up 17%" I thought, "Oh CRAP, there goes my surgery". I guess they didn't say anyhting to the surgeon, cuz the surgery went on as planned.

Unfortunetely,I am up in weight. My all time low was 113 pounds lost. I am now at 86 pounds lost. It sucks, but could be worse, I guess.

Still waiting for the insurance company to come through, I'm figuring it's gonna be at least another 2-3 months for that ;(

My husband might get a job back in Michigan. My biggest fear is that he gets the job and I have to start all over with another insurance (Kaiser is not in MI) and they give me a big hassle/make me do a 6 months diet or flat out refuse to pay for the surgery. This job would still be with the same company (AT&T) but the first insurance we had with them when we got here was BCBS of IL, and they are the ones who gave me such a hassle. Why is it that all of my friends can just walk into a surgeons office, say they want to have weight loss surgery and get it???? It's just not fair. Yes, I will take a bit of cheese with that whine ;0

Well, that's my update... hope everyone is doing well.