Julie's Journey

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have a LOT of clothes

We cleaned out Judy's room the other day. Kayleigh wanted to move into it, it has a bigger bed and TV. Most of her clothes went into a bag for Goodwill, though I kept a couple of things for myself (she was not a large woman.... but tended to buy 1X or 2X tops).

Kayleigh's room is now a play room/office. My hubby moved his rolltop desk into it, as well as putting up many sports posters (from the home town teams... Lions, Tigers and U of M)

I put all the clothes I have amassed in the last year or so (that I have had in boxes, bins and some hung up in the back of our walk in closet) in the closet in that room. I filled it up!!!! I have been given a lot of clothes by my band friends here in CO. Plus, if I see anything on clearance and really really cheap I pick it up.... figuring I will get in it sooner or later. I actually have a dozen bathing suits!!!!!

I am really enjoying buying all these new clothes. And that is really something coming from someone who used to HATE to shop. I know why. It is quite sad. The female parental unit's favorite place to abuse and torture... errr... take me shopping, was Sears. Nothing like being a young teen and having your mother standing with you in a Sears dressing room and yelling "If you weren't so damn FAT you would be able to find some clothes that fit" Not the best thing for the old self confidence. Ahhh well, I'm feeling much better now.

So now I have what I refer to as my "closet of dreams". I hope to be into those clothes before I know it.