Julie's Journey

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm hurt

I managed to hurt myself yesterday (I knew that treadmill would win sooner or later) I was walking and decided to take a drink of my water. I don't know what happened... if I stepped on the edge or what... but before I knew it I was flying backwards off it.

You know how basements have posts that hold up the ceiling? Did I mention there is a post right at the end of my treadmil?? Yep.... You got it. I hit the post. And the chair next to it.... and the floor.

I'm not sure if I fell onto my back or not (it happened so quickly). I just know that I was choking on my water. I think I rolled over onto my stomach to try to get the water out. All I could think was "Oh great, I'm gonna choke to death. I knew exercise was gonna kill me"

Needless to say, I did not choke to death (though my throat is still sore from aspirating the water)

My main pain is in my tailbone. I hurt it about 15 years ago falling onto the bar on a boys bike. It hurt for months. Then about 6 years ago I was at the casino playing pai gow (a poker table game) the seats at this casino were quite high, and had no foot rests. I sat there for 7 hours straight (with maybe 2 potty breaks). I must have really irritated this area, because it was agonizing for the next 3 years!!!!

Well, lucky me. The pain is back. I cannot take years of this pain. It hurts to sit... and stand up from a sitting position... and step up onto anything.

So... all I have to say is "Fucking Meow". Anyone who is a George Carlin fan will understand that. Below is one of my many favorite G.C. clips. (and it explains what I mean.) Enjoy it......